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Car Trailer Stability

Several factors can have a significant impact on the stability of your car trailer or jeep trailer.

Load distribution is the most important factor

Trailer balance

Side to side trailer balance

It is important that your load is well balanced from side to side. As far as possible, distribute the weight evenly across the trailer and as close to the centre as possible. Don’t overload one side or the other.

Front to backtrailer balance

Your trailer should also be well balanced from front to back, with t least 10% of the weight and preferably 15% to 20% of the weight on the tow-hitch. Too much weight on the hitch is as bad as too little. As far as possible, spread your load along the length of the trailer.

Secure your load

It goes without saying that the load in your trailer should be properly secured. A load that can moveĀ and slide will change the towing and steering dynamics of your trailer and can lead to accidents.


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