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Root Choppers / Root Cutters

Root chopper beet cutter AMT Engineering Alan Treadwell

Speedy Chop root chopper makes short work of roots, tubers and vegetable animal feeds


We have developed a highly efficient, robust and cost effective root chopper, the AMT Speedy Chop. These root choppers can be PTO-driven or free-standing and powered by an electric motor. We can deliver the Speedy Chop, up to four at a time, to any location in Britain or in Ireland.

Root Choppers AMT Speedy Chop

The AMT Speedy Chop root chopper will chop any type of root quickly, thoroughly, consistently and cost-effectively. It is a high performance, low maintenance machine and you can have it delivered directly to your yard at a price that is much lower than our competitors.

Root Chopper Video


Highly Efficient Root Chopper

Stones do not present a problem to the Speedy Chop as they are ejected through a spring mounted door which resets automatically. The PTO-driven Speedy Chop can easily handle 20 – 30 tonnes per hour. It is easily loaded from a tractor front loader, a teleporter or a loading shovel. It has a low horsepower requirement, is very fuel efficient and requires very little maintenance. If you need roots chopped or sliced, the Speedy Chop handles potatoes, beet, carrots,parsnips, turnips and other roots safely and effortlessly.


PTO-driven or Electric Motor

The Speedy Chop root chopper can be driven by your tractor’s PTO or it can be powered independently using an electric motor. We can supply a range of motor options, depending on how much power you need.

Root chopper AMt Engineering Alan Treadwell

Speedy Chop root chopper from AMT Engineering. The finest root chopper on the market

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